Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello from Oh So Pinteresting!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? One of my favorite and informationally packed podcasts and blogs is Oh So Pinteresting. Cynthia Sanchez has made a career out of helping people make more of their Pinterest accounts than just eye candy. I've used it successfully in my business for over 2 years now (such LONG time in Pinterest years, right?) and wrote about it in this guest post on her blog.

Here is a link to my Pinterest boards created to enhance my clients' event with much more than the invitations. I pin decor ideas, links to tutorials and resources for products that make the planning and decorating of the event easy-peasy.

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  1. Our planner had done an event at our venue last year, and we knew that their experience would be nearly invaluable to our event. We worked with their party planner, who totally delivered on what we had hoped for!


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