Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's the new stripe? The Chevron!

Like most upcoming fashions and fads, this has been creeping up on me. A little chevron tray craft from Martha Stewart here, a little chevron dress at Talbots there. I've been filing these images in my brain for a while, and have played around with some chevron ideas myself. I must say, I quite like it! It's bold. It's got movement. It's an ancient design with a modern aesthetic and it suits me just fine.

Here more chevrons from designers that are inspiring me. Credits are listed below and don't miss the FREE iPHONE wallpapers at the bottom.

1. Needlepointed belt buckle by NeedleYou
2. Calling cards by Pixel Impress
3. Birth Announcement by Roxter Designs
4. Digital printables by Summit Avenue
5. Upholstered Chair by Nena Von
6. Tea Towel by Erin Dollar
7. Pillow by Elegant Touch
8. Handmade journal by Mayday Studio
9. Flat notecards by Sweet Beaker

To further celebrate the chevron, I'm including some free iPhone backgrounds with both the chevron AND the summer color palette. You can use and share these for your personal use (copyrights stay with me) by right clicking or saving the image into your image folder on your phone. Then, just choose it as a background and you're ready with the chevy!


  1. I love chevron patterns. I've been using it everywhere!

    1. Margotmadison: What'S The New Stripe? The Chevron! >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Margotmadison: What'S The New Stripe? The Chevron! >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Margotmadison: What'S The New Stripe? The Chevron! >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK 6r

  2. Thank You, Margot! : )
    I have 2 more needlepoint zig zag/chevron pendants & 2 more buckles I'm working on today.
    Hopefully up by tomorrow~

  3. Hi Margot!

    What a lovely collection! Many thanks for including SweetBeaker :)


  4. i never tire of chevron. great finds. thank you for including my chevron calling card! pam

  5. i love chevrons! thanks so much for including my tea towel!

  6. I just got your letter in the mail!!!! I am so sad because I LOVE Sweet Silhouettes!!! I am a member of A Fresh Bunch so I can't wait to see your designs there! :) Kristin Pearce

  7. i love chevron prints too - so fresh!!


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