Tuesday, April 21, 2009

March Store Window Design

Despite a gallant effort by my window designer Valerie, the last window we did was creative but unfinished. SOMEBODY (Margot) was supposed to enlarge some invitations to finish it off but never got around to it. My bad ;o)

But anyone who knows me and my non-stop creative forward movement, would not be surprised that I have not looked back. Lindsay and I brainstormed and had a new concept in motion lickety-split. I owe the finishing of this to Lindsay's determination to have it done before she leaves on a much deserved vacation this week.

These photos show the process: We ordered feather butterflies in 4" and 1" sizes in bright colors. Lindsay cut the chicken wire to make the sweeping design carry through both windows. Then she attached the butterflies to the chicken wire (all migrating in the same direction!). We hung the display using thin picture wire to a dowel we have spanning the distance of our window and stapled the sides to the walls. Then we applied the custom decals to the window glass and tied the invitation samples to the chicken wire using more thin wire (adhesives melt in our window).

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