Monday, June 8, 2009

Fabric Inspiration Monday

We started the "Inspiration Monday" feature last week with the lace invitation. This week I am sharing about an amazing fabrics store, Fabric Shack Stores in (of all places) Waynesville, OH. I discovered this store while searching for curtain fabrics for my sister's new house. There are several rooms, packed with designer fabrics. I could have stayed all day, creating and recreating projects with the groups of designs. I've been looking for some fun fabrics to re-do my girls bedroom and, miracle of all miracles, WE ALL AGREED on some. Best of all, they carry their entire store on-line and I think it's one of the best on-line fabric stores I've seen.

I love this grouping so much I keep it in my purse. Just in case I need a little eye candy...

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