Monday, August 10, 2009


Ann Segal, a photographer and client of mine came in on Friday and gave me this amazing contact for Spoonflower. This is a company that will print your designs on fabric! The creative possibilities made my brain go into overdrive and then shut down completely. It's just too good to be true...

Designs are from $18 to $32 per yard. They print on quilting weight or upholstery weight fabric and there is NO MINIMUM ORDER! {insert expletive bleep here} You can browse what is offered to the public, or get started with your own designs.

I am not going into the fabric business in addition to stationery, though now it's tempting! It's so amazing how the printing industry is changing so quickly and in such wonderful ways. I'll be dating myself here, but I remember that designs for brochures and other business collateral had to be one or two color to be budget friendly. Now the possibilities seem endless and so high in quality. What a great world to be in for the compulsively creative!

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