Friday, August 6, 2010

Eco-friendlyEco- lunchboxes

Eco-friendly Lunchboxes collected by Margot Madison Creative

Well, it's that happy time of the year when the kids finish off the summer and start school again. I'm thrilled that ALL of my kids will be in school for a full day! It's been over 10 years since I've had that much time by myself!! And now that I'm in my home studio it will mean 6 hours of uninterrupted work time before they come home. Bliss!!

Anyway, I started looking into reuseable lunch bags. Last year's little insulated lunch bags worked well enough, but the crumbs in the cracks start really getting to me after a few weeks. They just don't go away, and God forbid there is a mysterious food explosion in there that gets into the little crevices. Anyway, I was on the search for one that I could throw in the laundry periodically that was still cute to look at and could hold everything. Here are some great choices from etsy vendors...

1. I love this retro oilcloth sack from Farfalla Gialla. 2. These snack bags from UldeYrth are adorable and I love how simple and sweet they are with the heart and name on it. 3. Bento Boxes with Bags from Ojami are something I'm facinated with too. I love organizing the little snacks in the little compartments and then putting the whole thing in the dishwasher when you're done! 4. Gotta love the Mod Circles from SewLongZiploc (would look great with a Margot Madison Mod Circles Personalized clipboard, don't you think?) 5. A bright and cheerful bag with lots of space and 6. a homespun and natural linen look from Bebeloosh. Enjoy!

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