Thursday, September 2, 2010

After over 12 years, I have found....

The front desk at High Five Salon in O'Bryonville

a new hairdresser! I'm ashamed to say that I have been hopping from one hairdresser to the next every 6 months or so (that's the ashamed part) for the last 12 years. I had a great hairdresser, *sigh* Dianne so long ago, but I had to give her up when I moved to the countryside. Then when I came back the salon had closed and since I only knew her as "Dianne" there was no hope for me. Thus started my long journey.

Recently, a little place called "High Five Studio" opened up on my old retail haunting grounds (Madison Road in O'Bryonville for those of you local readers) and in my classic spur-of-the-moment style I popped in to see if they could cut my hair. Sam, the owner, had a waiting list too long but he recommended Christine who "does amazing things with texture". Sounded good enough to me.

First and most importantly to me was that the place had good vibes. Talk about a friendly welcome! Sam said he'd been so excited to meet me and showed me about the place that he and a few others designed and built to spec. The walls are covered with old farm fence posting, lining the wall horizontally and covered with polyurethane to keep things safe. There is a wall with fabulous soft butter colored wall paper with a black and cream damask pattern to mimic old vintage wall paper, and a stunning peacock blue wall. I didn't get a picture of the hairwashing section downstairs but it has an amazing tiled surface and a pile of round gray field stones artfully placed in a corner. A beautiful blend of old and new, textures and colors. This designer girl was pleased!

Then Christine and I chatted and she got down to work. A gaping scissor gouge and many snips later, I had a great haircut. And it looked cute today even when I did it (which as you know is the final test of a good haircut!) Yeah Christine! Please don't move away now that I've found you!

And since many of my posts are geared toward brides, this place does "up-dos" and on-site wedding styling.

Here are the pictures I took today after telling Christine how happy I was with my cut. I didn't get good ones of the chairs because there were customers getting coloring done and nobody needs to see that. Here she is doing her thing and you can see a reflection of the peacock walls, plus a good shot of the wall treatments. The huge mirrors are made with railroad ties (tyes?). Awesome!

That's Christine doing her thing at High Five Salon in O'Bryonville.

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