Friday, September 3, 2010

A real treat from Queen City Cookies

Beautiful and tasty cookies from Queen City Cookies!

Well, I'm in love again! I was at the I-Do Boutique in O'Bryonville where I was finishing an appointment and I saw some cookies dropped off there from a company called Queen City Cookies. One look, and I was hooked! It was a beautifully detailed bas relief of an old fashioned scene, played out not in alabaster but white chocolate. Then that was fused to a shortbread cookie with icing edges. It looked like a cameo sculpture edged in lace and I COULD EAT IT!

So I immediately emailed Peggy, the owner of Queen City Cookies and got the details lickety-split. Believe it or not, this company is only about 1 year old. Peggy uses her antique German springerle cookie presses (she has over 400 different ones) to create her confections in 3 icing flavors: Luster, which is white with a subtle white luster powder, white chocolate is more of an ivory color, and dark chocolate. You can visit her website to view the many different designs, and know that you can email her directly if you have a particular subject matter in mind. She'll likely have it and if she doesn't, then custom designs are not a problem. It is nearly impossible not to love the floral and bird themed cookies, but there are also some charming couples holding hands in a garden that are so sweet.

So are you having a vintage, victorian or eclectic theme for your wedding? A touch of lace? Lovebirds? Flowers? Do you want to nod to your german heritage with this modern take on an old german traditional treat? Wrap them up for your bridal or baby shower for hostess gifts, give them as favors at your wedding. Wait a amazing would these look on a cake?? My goodness,  I could go on and on!

As an added bonus, Queen City Cookies make great gifts since they are deliver in a clean light blue box with a dark blue satin ribbon. The cookies inside are safely placed in a nest of light blue shredding paper. QCC is committed to a small carbon footprint, charitable organizations and many more good energy deeds that are also detailed here.

Thanks Peggy for the inspiration and the cookies! They were delicious and even my kids didn't want to eat them without taking a photo first. Great luck to you and your beautiful contribution to the cookie lovers of the world.

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