Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday! My Happy Tape arrived yesterday

So, my sweet father was over yesterday doing a little work on my business Quickbooks when my sister arrived at the door, holding my Happy Tape package. I NEARLY screamed like a little girl, but managed to keep myself in-tact with only a few repressed squeals. Of course, my father wanted to know what was so darn exciting! I presented the box of colorful rolls with flourish and of course his first question was, "What do you do with it?" and I was like, "Geez, Dad! I don't know yet!! It's just pretty right now!" (I think it's interesting that I always present myself as a teenager when I regale my stories. I must look deeper into that...)

I've been trolling the web looking for ideas and apparently, I'm not the only freak obsessed with this delightful stuff, which is comforting.

I let my 10 year old Julia (and crazy crafter) play around with some. She kept things simple with bookmarks. Today, I found this great idea for twist ties from zakka life blog via the Jack and Izzy blog. (There is a how-to at zakka life.)

Uh, and I DID think of this one--note the little flags on the oranges. I was thinking more cupcake flags, but same difference. But now I'm going to have to come up with something even CUTER. (I have a weird craft competitive problem, I'll admit)
And this idea for clothespin magnets from Whisker Graphics. I've always wanted to do something with clothespins since they are so darn useful.

And of course on a gift bag. This one is from A Spoonful of Sugar.
That's enough inspiration for the moment. I have a few more ideas brewing in my head and Lindsay and I are going to have a crafty meeting on Wednesday to discuss the possibilities. Stay tuned! And have a great weekend!

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  1. I have done a few features on Japanese Washi Tape on the Brides Buddy blog and done some giveaways. I think it is so cool.


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