Monday, October 4, 2010

The Crafty DIY Bride blog from Australia has some great ideas for you!

Arggg! There is such great creative stuff on the internet! I'm having another one of my crafty inspiration melt-downs (and it's only Monday!). I couldn't wait to start blogging today as it seems my brain is bursting with posts that I think you'd like. Well, one small step at a I'll start here:

I like to keep my eyes outside of the US for crafty ideas. Not that there is anything wrong with the good old U, S of A but I find that there are some different aesthetics to european crafts and creatives. Ultimately, I think I like it because it's just different from what I see in American style magazines and blogs. And I'm likely to get some ideas that haven't been done a million times over, you know?

I want to introduce you to this wonderful blog from Australia called The Crafty DIY Bride. It is full of beautiful inspiration boards (and unusual--I love this sunrise/sunset color scheme) and craft ideas for your wedding or event. I sometimes forget that Australia has seasons opposite to ours, but really this is not a problem since most of us are planning the events at least 6 months in advance. Perfect timing for inspiration!
It is also part of a great Australian crafty collaborative effort called The Creative Collective where a few Australian bloggers encourage readers to create something and post the ideas to a flikr site for all to see and be inspired by. Awesome idea and I might contribute an idea of my own. Great to see such creative spirit out there! Who's in it with me? Share your creative ideas with the world!

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