Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Christmas Card for those who don't have a great picture of everyone

A holiday card from Margot Madison Creative that is personalized.

I think this is going to be my family Christmas card. It is  nearly impossible to catch everyone in my family looking good, eyelids not half closed or not shouting at someone else in the photo to look up and smile. If you have more than one child, then you know what I mean. This one allows me to choose the best from the past year and use those. It takes the photo pressure off. These and more of my customizable holiday card designs are available in my Margot Madison Creative etsy store.

I also like to add something personal to the card that gives friends and family a smile and lets them in on a glimpse of our life as it is this year. I started thinking about how the gifts the kids request from "Santa" capture where they are right now, as well as a little bit of their personality. Oliver (5 years) wants Legos, Natalie (7 years) wants an old-fashioned phone to go in her office (a separated handle somehow seem more official to her, which I think is so cute) and Julia (10 years) wants an iPhone, which she won't get until she's several years older, but it she certainly is optimistic. These seem so obvious at this point, but I know that years from now when Oliver wants the newest version of a high tech computer game we'll enjoy remembering that when he was 5 he was happy with a few Lego spaceships.

Are you making your holiday cards personal this year? Tell me how!

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