Monday, November 1, 2010

The designs behind my invitations-a quick look at how I get to the final product

I think a lot about the creative process. I've discovered that essentially all artistic creations are really so similar, it's only the actual product that is different. It's basically filling space with textures, layers, colors, tones and feelings. In music, the layers and textures are designed with sounds, interior designers fill a room the layers and textures of furniture, wall colors etc, in food it's with taste and aromas, in visual art it's something you can see or touch, in literature you're creating with words. You know what I mean?

I wish that I could be so good at all the "arts" but I'm really not. I admire it all, though, and make a point to see how the artist got to the finished product. Where are the layers and textures, the colors and tones. How did they fill the "space" to make me like it (or dislike it!). I would like to see the process behind a song. I'd like to start from the milisecond of the sound in the songwriter's head, to the jotted down phrase in a journal, all the way through the knitting together, pulling apart and editing until the final product is complete. I'd also love to see an interior designer do it since I'm severely 3-Dimensionally challenged.

So if this interests you, I have opened up my design brain with the help of my computer and displayed the many invitation incarnations I go through before I'm finally finished. Truthfully, I didn't show the really crappy stuff and on this particular one and I didn't do any type revisions since I was fine with what my head put in first. But that is often another 20 rounds with text and font combinations.

Here is the short visual tour:

If you are so inclined and have the time, please share your process! I would be so interested in how you get to your final masterpiece (warts and all!).

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  1. What a fun post. It is great to see behind your design process- loved the video!


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