Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Last year's Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving really crept up on me this year! While I have the theme and general idea of how we'll be decorating this year's Thanksgiving table, I'm not together enough to get the table set before Thursday and get the photos ready to share. I thought I'd revisit last year's beautiful table as a precursor to this year's, and I will tell you that this year's colors are going to be copper and blue!

Reposted from November 23, 2010
This is what 3 crazy and over-stimulated women can do in an afternoon when they have more on their agenda than is humanly possible (even for a mom!). I've been eager to do a table setting so that I can get more practiced at it. With Thanksgiving coming up, it seemed as good a time as any for my first official project. I gathered a few of my creative peeps on a Thursday and we brainstormed the details. My main inspiration was this photo from Leslie at A Creative Mint (the pinnacle of color inspiration and beautiful photography in my humble opinion):

Not having the time to make a quick trip to Morocco to get the delightful cups Leslie used, I had to improvise. I have some charming pressed glass cups at my house which I use for wine glasses (strange to some perhaps, but provincial to me and no broken glass stems in the dishwasher), and I'd just purchased some silver/gold Alhambra patterned votives from Crate and Barrel so those went into the creative soup. We have Thanksgiving (and most family events) at my sister Alex's so hers was the setting, table linen, silverware, and more. Aren't those flower plates beautiful? They come from Lindsay's room mate's collection of beautiful finds from Lord knows where (and likely some thrift store or Goodwill). Alex and I both contributed all our crystal candlesticks. Karyn (the photographer and creative muse) brought the silver mini pedestal with glass dome, which just was so cute. My point here is that everything on this table was borrowed, begged or bespoke. I want to thank Karyn, Lindsay, and Alex for their efforts and willingness to participate in my creative obsessions--I mean--projects. Everyone is super busy, so this was no small feat to find time and energy to spend on a "fun" project when you should really be wrapping presents, finishing newsletters, responding to charity emails etc. I begged Karyn to get me the 4 photos so I could post BEFORE Thanksgiving and so I am especially grateful. Thank you ladies again!! So without further ado, the photos please!
Karen's silver mini pedestal with a glass dome, pomegranate

Plates with gold chargers

My mini books as place cards. Each guest can write a nice note on the pages inside!

Karen added the gold trim around the glass rim.
Of course, even though we were going on and on about how much we had going on in our lives, we couldn't help ourselves but start planning the next event table. Creativity is a chronic and contagious disease, but you know that because you have the same affliction. Have a great Thanksgiving to you! If you have some creative thanksgiving tables to share, send them my way!


  1. Looks great! I love how you were able to use items you already owned to create an inspired look.

  2. I love that you put pomegranates on the table! I just picked a few of them from my garden and now you inspired me to display them beautifully~

  3. I LOVE this!!! I love beautiful tables and this one looks amazing! :-)


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