Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Friday: What the Font?

Ever find something written in a font that you love, but have no idea which font it is? (yes, all the time)

Ever go to a font site and try to go through the millions of fonts looking for it? It ain't pretty folks. Even for most professionals, there are so many variations on variations that it is so overwhelming. (yes!)

Today, a friend of mine sent me this image and hoped that I could figure out what font it was for her. After scanning through my own list of fonts, I came up empty-handed. I'd heard of websites that offer font identifying features and thought that today was the day to give it a try.

I went to this link on the MyFonts website and got started.

First, I took a screen shot of the letters in question. You can do this on a Mac by clicking Command-Shift-4, then selecting the section of the screen you want to copy with the marquis-thing, and saving the image.
Then I uploaded that image as step one of the font finding process. The next step in the process is to review various sections and tell the computer which letter it has highlighted by typing it into the box under that section.

After several of those exercises, the computer listed several fonts that could be close matches. I have to say that I was impressed! I think Holmen Headline and Ambroise are a pretty good match, but I'd have to delve into the italics to know for sure.

I will definitely keep this handy tool in the Margot Madison box of tricks, and I'm glad I had a chance to give it a real try this morning.

Have a good weekend everybody. I'm going to try to recover from a little cold I've managed to catch from my little man this week. Wish me luck.

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