Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Margot Madison Holiday iPhone Backgrounds

'Tis the season of giving! I was feeling the need to winterize my beloved iPhone and thought you might like to do the same. You are welcome to download these images and post them to your iPhone (they work just like a photo image). Of course they are copyrighted to Margot Madison so you will not use them for any purpose other than your holiday enjoyment (read: not for your profit or any other use than this one) but feel free to pass them along to any friends who may enjoy a little holiday cheer too!

Have a great week! I am freezing my patootie off in my studio office today but hey, it's winter, right?
Bird with acorn gifts

Bird in wreath
Peaceful forest

Winter Mushrooms


  1. I love these! I am going to put one on my phone right now :)

  2. I love these!!!!! I want an iPhone so badly. I have a sturdy blackberry :(

  3. These are wonderful...Ohh, it's so hard to choose! Thank you XOBlenda

  4. Aww, those are so adorable!!! I love them all!


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