Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspiration details for coffee with the Book Club

Moving right along with my next "event" styling, I've got some details put together to contemplate. The colors are primarily black and white with pops of rich color from my color inspiration posted earlier this week (link here.)

1. These are some bookplates I designed for this specific event. I plan on putting them together into a white sleeve and sewing or taping it closed (as in #5 in this collage). I'll be including this as a free printable for you later.
2. My beloved Black Fruit tea set (well, at the moment it's my mothers but it is part of my inheritance so I consider it mine even though it's residing at my parent's house) by Susie Cooper. More about her here.
3. This is an interesting Danish platter I saw on etsy from Vakvar.
4. A nice cake details from Maisie Fantaisie. I'm thinking about putting a pattern like this on some homemade shortbread cookies.
5. A nice little pack of Pretty Tape that I purchased this week in anticipation. Washi tape is one of my weaknesses and I impulse buy it constantly now.
6. A white pedestal cake stand I bought at Home Goods. Again, an impulse buy, but you can never have too many cake stands. Unless you run out of storage space (ahem, Karyn).
7. Multicolored cocktail napkins from Crate and Barrel. It's funny, I picked these up and put them down several times while browsing a few weeks ago in the store. Now of course I wish I had bought them. I should know better...
8. The back drop of this photo is a lovely piece of wallpaper from Nama Rococco.

There are also some neat shortbread cookies here, some cool black patterned glass plates here, and I'm intrigued by these cool upcycled envelopes. And here is a doily rubber stamp that would work with this theme too.

So, the only thing I haven't thought really hard about yet are flowers, or some kind of fresh floral arrangement. Any ideas? Send those and all other brainstorming ideas my way...

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