Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inspiration for a party that is NOT FOR CHRISTMAS

I am so enjoying the holiday season this year! Of course since I am knee deep in christmas card orders, I'm daydreaming about what's next on the party agenda. And what's next is a coffee/book club party I'm designing in my head at the moment. Here is a little sneak peek into the color scheme, which is primarily black and white with some splashes of rich color. I was ultimately inspired by this coffee set of my mothers (I desperately want to inherit it since I'm totally in love with it!). She got it when she and my dad lived in England about, uh, 40 years ago I think. The designer is an English woman named Susie Cooper and this particular pattern is called Black Fruit from the late 1950's. When I showed my obsessiveness for it a few years back, my mother dutifully spent hours bidding on additional sets on ebay. I so love my Muthie.....

Anyway, here is the seed for the next "show". Isn't it so rich how the black and white drawing is so delicate and detailed and then it is contrasted by this rich flood of color on the inside of the cup. It's old and it's modern at the same time (my favorite design combo)*Stomach twirls* I love it so much!
Color scheme using Susie Cooper's Black Fruit tea set
Here are some more photos from that shoot. You should know that the amazing artwork in the back is a much loved sheet of wallpaper from Nama Rococco. I thought the black design with the organic hand painted colors complimented the tea set nicely, don't you think? And did you notice that I'm getting better at the f-stops? Hmmm? Somebody has been practicing hard on that....

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