Monday, December 13, 2010

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" Creative Save the Dates

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Save the Date card

Not everyone can be lucky enough to have known their future spouse when they were in high school. For some, that might be a good thing ;o). I actually knew my future husband in high school but had absolutely NO IDEA that we would end up married. It's even weird for me to think about all the parties I saw him at and never knew he'd be the sweet man by my side today. *sigh*

In some cases, two people have an idea that there was something special about that cool/cute guy/girl in their English class. They even went to a dance together. Maybe they went their separate ways through college but caught up with each other later

That's what happened with this darling couple. Claire and Joe went to a homecoming dance together when they were in high school, ultimately went their separate ways for a while and then found themselves together again after college. Sharing a bit of their past seemed a perfect way to announce their future wedding date so I created this Margot Madison original design for them. I must say that everytime I look at this announcement I smile. Look at how much they've NOT changed!! Isn't that so stinking cute?? I love it. And I love this part of my job; meeting people in the beginning of a wonderful journey together.

Did you know your spouse when you were young? Did you know right away that this person was "it"? Or did you not see the hidden jewel until later?

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