Friday, December 31, 2010

Want to design your own invitations? I'll print them for you!

One of the services I offer my clients is to print the invitations that they design. The first step is to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your paper needs, printing wishes and budget. I can help guide you towards a successful result by recommending sizes, colors and other printing considerations that will ultimately get an invitation that is beautiful--of course, because it was designed by you!

This is an example of a recent project I worked on with clients Scott de Fasselle, a web and marketing designer for his own company Blitz Media Design, and his fiancée Kristin. Scott and I discussed the vision of the project along with the sizes and how to fit a letterpress invitation into their budget. The final result was a beautifully letterpress printed invitation and envelope, with the accommodations and reply insert printed by me using my in-house printer. We took advantage of the long sized invitation and put the reply postcard on the same piece of paper as the accommodations and map information. I perforated the reply card so it could be separated and mailed back, while the other information stayed in the hands of the guest.

Are you thinking about designing your own invitations? Let's talk!

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