Friday, January 14, 2011

The 40th Birthday Project Begins with a place

Yes, the biggest DIY project of my own will soon get really under way. Of course I've been planning on my birthday party for over 2 years now but this is where it gets all real.

Here is the space I'm renting. It was recommended to me by another bride who said it was the coolest place for a small budget party. The venue is called "Gather" and it's located on the second floor of a renovated building in College Hill, Cincinnati. There is a parking lot, it's relatively close to my home, and it's a wonderfully bright and open space. And for $75 per hour, well, it just can't be beat!

Here are the pictures I took on my tour. I must admit to feeling a bit panicked now. Having a party in my head is all fun and games until you actually have to throw the party, you know? I've got some ideas brewing and more to come. I'll take you on the rest of the journey with me since I'll likely need some support. ;o)
The right side and corner

Right side and front windows

Front windows and left wall

Back area that will be renovated into the bar/food prep

Back wall/Entrance to the space


Disco ball ;o)

Entrance to venue, foyer shared with Marty's Wine Bar

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