Thursday, January 13, 2011

Succulents as party or wedding favors

Mother Nature is the best graphic designer ever, hands down.

Today I'm just casually strolling around etsy and I see this amazing display of succulents from Succulents Galore and was struck by how beautiful they are!! Perfect balance, soft color, and so pretty to look at. It makes me think how influenced we are (or perhaps I should only speak for myself?) with this basic and beautiful floral shape. Heavens, aren't skirts and dresses made to mimic flowers? It's all so clear to me today.
And look at the invitation I've had in the "design hopper" for a while now. Is it not perfect with these plants?? Hoo-baby, the creative juices are flowing big-time in my little studio today. Favors, yes. Centerpieces, oh yes! What else??

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