Monday, January 10, 2011

Color Inspiration Monday-Cobalt and French Blue

I've got to admit; I've been both intrigued and puzzled by this combination for several weeks now. I've downloaded lots of photos and art to attempt to get that ever elusive color balance correct. I'm not saying I have it yet, either. It was just time to put myself out there with it and move forward. My struggle with it seems to be that cobalt blue can be so flat sometimes. And having come from the corporate graphic design world (so many long years ago) it seems, well, corporate. But then I've seen it be so beautiful in glass and velvet and porcelain! Paired with that lightish-purplish-bluish-grayish French blue or some might call it cornflower blue, it's beautiful. And that's not even before you add an accent color like gold to it. Here is what I've done so far. The photo is from the ever-amazing Leslie Shrewring of Creative Mint (aptly named since she is an invaluable source of color photo collages).
I've chosen the combination with white but I also like it paired with the more linen colored neutrals and gold. I've also played around with an invitation that maybe I'll show you later when I think it's ready...)

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