Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Background Patterns for blogs and web pages

A friend and fellow creative addict Chrissie Blatt just sent me this link to a site called Pattern Cooler that offers great digital background patterns. You can choose from existing designs and colors, or change to your own color scheme. If you're thinking about blogging, you could use these as backgrounds on your blog template. For those of you who are creating your event blog or website, I suspect they might add some personality to that as well.

I found these great patterns just in the first 2 pages. A word to the wise, though: It's better  to use a low contrast pattern when doing this kind of thing. Often, even though lots of color is so beautiful (and I know because I love color too) it is too dynamic in a background setting. The viewer's eye is confused because it wants to see the beautiful background, when it really should be looking at your web info. I'm just sayin'...Take a look and see what you can do! I know a couple of brides who could use these colors and classy damask patterns.

Meanwhile, I'm going to be working my patootie off today. Lots of great stuff to work on, and I'm struggling not to spend the day working on a new idea I have for my birthday invitations. Send me strength!

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