Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flower Petal Garlands from Paris

Ah, my bloggy friends! It's been a few weeks since I could really concentrate on my blog posts. I am doing a joyful but all-consuming design project, which as mercifully come to a temporary pause. It feel so good to have a "normal" day. Blog post in the morning, client work in the afternoon. All is good.

My sister-in-law Charlotte is back in town, which means we having many deep discussions about creativity, what's going on in the crafting world, and how we can be a part of that. Charlotte is French, living in Munich, Germany and is quite involved with the etsy world, with her own store PetitPoeme and also is a contributer to the Etsy French Handmade group.

Charlotte's always got her finger on the pulse of what's new and fabulous. And she loves sharing that knowledge and connecting people who can help each other--you know people like that? They are always have an excited way of adding to the conversation, "You should meet so-and-so! You would love what they are doing with such-and-such! I'll introduce you!" and she does that very thing. She's a born networker, which is great for this sometimes introverted design gal.

Camille Gallery was her most recent recommendation. And as usual, I agree that this is a really special thing Camille does! Camille is a photographer and recycler who makes garlands out of real petals. Her process is quite involved, but as you can see, it produces such a delicate and romantic garland that is light and airy and a wonderful touch for a romantic wedding. You could also have her "preserve" your wedding bouquet as a garland for posterity. Imagine the flowers from your most special day hanging over your bed's headboard like fairy petals. Just lovely!

Here's how she does it in her own words:
"Process (for 1 garland!):
Making a flower petals garland is a very long process! and of course totally handmade by me.
First I select the flowers for their color. Then I dry the petals (this phase needs a minimum of two weeks for a bouquet of 10 flowers). Then I laminate the petals, and cut them one by one (one afternoon). And finally I assemble the garland (two hours)."

Yes, she did say that she cut them one by one. Mon Dieu! You can request a special order, with special color, or thread, if you want different petal colors on the same thread, etc. Just note that it takes at least one month to complete your order, so plan accordingly.


  1. This is so fantastic! I love the grace, the time, the care, the beauty and divinity of this garland. And those Connector people DO totally rock! xo APRIL

  2. thank you Margot!! you are the sweetest... so nice to be home, in every possible sense of the word!


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