Thursday, April 21, 2011

Now Trending: Hand drawn invitations

I've really enjoyed watching this trend grow. It's a wonderful response to a computerized world where everything is digital, digitized and perfected with a mouse instead of a pencil eraser. Of course, don't think for a moment that the computer doesn't participate in this trend! It's just nice to see artists working off-line for a while before going back to our little fr'enemies. I've toyed around with this and have enjoyed it immensely. It's fun to sit and draw!

What's really at the heart of this is the charm of having a custom illustration that in some way, represents you. The artists who create these can bring your physical likeness, your hobbies and your event venue or city to light in a comfortable and friendly way. It's casual, but still says "We cared about this event, and hope you do too."

I did a post previously on Marie Letourneau's illustrated invitations here and have collected some more lovely examples of hand drawn invitations, credits to follow the image.
A collection of illustrated or hand-drawn invitations
1. Handwritten invitation text by Bella Figura
2. Save the date tree border by See The Skyline
3. Watercolor Panoramic invitation by Tree Space Studio
4. Hand drawn map by E Fine Stationery
5. Drawn wreath border invitation by Patricia Mumau
6. "Celebrate" banners by PaperInvitationCards
7. Silhouette invitation by ElloThere
8. Couple in the Park Invitation by Jack and Jill Wedding
9. Hand drawn calligraphy for guest addressing by Andrea Lynn Karmazyn


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