Friday, April 22, 2011

One of my favorite places on Earth: Adams County, Ohio

The sun burning through the morning fog in the back yard.

I love living in Cincinnati where there is a green grocer and a CVS pharmacy within walking distance from my house. I love my unkempt yard with stilts left akilter on the front stairs, inviting a lawsuit from the postal carrier. I love poking my head out of the house when the weather is warm and seeing which of my neighbors is enjoying a glass of wine or bottle of beer on their porch.

But there is another place I love too: Adams County, Ohio. I lived in West Union, Ohio for 5 years when my husband's small farm and shiitake mushroom business was a passion set to be a career. There is a lot of romance to country living and truth be told, I'm not one to swoon for it. I'm a city girl who enjoys a day of peace and quiet only when I choose it. Happily, we still can visit when time allows. I'm enjoying it in new ways, now that I am letting the full artsy joy be a part of my life again. We spent several days this spring break and I brought my new camera and my watercolors and my sketchbook. It was glorious and I remembered why we always say, "It's always a beautiful day at the farm." It's true, and absence makes this girl's heart grow fonder.

In honor of Earth day, I am celebrating and sharing with you this wonderful place that brings so much joy to our family. In this place you can hear cows lowing in the distant fields. You learn to accept ladybugs hitting the windows and wasps and flies and ticks on your dogs and kids. You can sit on the porch and hear a cock crow. You can see your moon shadow. You can hear your footsteps crunch on the gravel. You can walk the plowed fields and find ancient arrowheads. You can get your rubber boots on and walk a stream for as long as you want. You can watch the earth disappear down an ever-widening sink hole. You can walk through the forest and find a hidden morel or a blue bunting or a swallowtail butterfly. It'a a place for cousins, friends, families and animals to run around, get dirty, pick up sticks for a fire or simply to do a puzzle quietly while everyone else is out. I am ever thankful to the Madison clan for sharing it with us. This is a great weekend to enjoy your favorite earth spot--where is your favorite earth place?

Sitting atop an ancient seabed, that is now a cliff overlooking the ridge. We call it Madison's Mines because you can find fossilized sea plants that look like tiny seed beads in the rocks.

A field of blond grasses and trees.
Baxter and Oliver attracting ticks (ug!) but having the time of their lives!
Finding a "pool" during a creek walk. We were prepared with swimsuits THIS time. The kids call themselves "The Drowned Rats"
Sunset and a horizon, something not usually seen in the city!


  1. Margot, this is gorgeous. I grew up on a farm and living in the concrete jungle makes me appreciate views like this, days like this, sunsets like this with great envy & joy. Thank you for sharing both the view and the feelings this life brings to the heart and soul!

  2. Wonderful! It sounds like a magical place. I especially love the idea of spending a childhood as a "Drowned Rat" along a creek walk. :-)

  3. I thought I had left a comment...but think it never went through. I came over from the BYW group. Wonderful pictures of your state, where I have never been! We just moved from the Hudson Valley down to Chapel Hill, N.C. and love the countryside here too.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Libby

  4. I feel like I just took a mini vacation reading this post. What a special spot! We are also in a big city - but I love escaping to the botanical gardens for the day.


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