Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is it crazy to look for friends on-line?

Some people really shudder at this idea. I can understand their fears. There are plenty of stories on prime-time television showing the creepy pedophile pretending to be a teenage boy etc. While it is true that some people are complete freaks, so many more people are well, just people! They are on-line, looking for stuff I'm looking for, sharing and inspiring anyone who passes by. They are writing their blogs late at night or during naptime and if you're open and friendly, friendships naturally happen. I'm a "throw caution to the wind" kind of person and my instincts have been right on so far.

I've really enjoyed meeting several on-line friends and all have been really positive experiences. A few weeks ago when I was planning my trip to Los Angeles, I contacted Kalani from Kalanicut (she writes a lovely lifestyle and crafting blog) and scheduled a meet-up. I had absolutely no concerns about this meet-up, though I did get some sideways glances when I mentioned this to friends and family here. Kalani and I met during a blogging e-course "Blogging Your Way" with Holly Becker and frankly everyone in that class is warm, friendly, supportive and kind. We have shared many emails and I figured she didn't have any reason to be more or less than what she had represented. And of course I was right!

Kalani, being the native Californian (for the most part) suggested we meet at the Getty Museum. It was a perfect place to enjoy art and all things beautiful. We chatted about our work inspiration, blogging tips and walked the gardens like friends who'd known each other as if we'd met at a party, instead of on the internet. It's interesting to think of the folks who complain that everything is a computer's distance away and that there are no more physical interactions anymore. I think nothing could be further from the truth! I'm so lucky to be able to have access to an entire world of people who are interesting, creative and funny. I can meet them on-line when I'd never be able to find them otherwise. And when I'm lucky enough to travel to those locations, I can discover that the delightful person on-line is just as they are in person.

Have you had some good experiences like I have?


  1. Have made so many friends through blogging. When you finally meet in person, it is so much fun!!! :)

  2. Margot,

    Funny I was thinking of you tonight and thought I'd pop over to visit your blog. What a surprise to see my face here..ack! haa-haa. Thank you for a lovely day we had together. Hopefully we'll get a chance to do it again someday not so far away.

    I agree completely with your sentiments about the lovely friendships one can make through blogging. That has been my biggest surprise since I started blogging, my relationships with some amazing fellow bloggers. Thanks for being one of those. :)


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