Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Invitations by Sara Cormier

I admit to falling completely under the spell of rainbows. They are so 80's and therefore so magical! I'm working this theme into my daughter's birthday party this month. Of course, her birthday is in 4 days, so I'd better get crackin' eh? I'm such a great mother....

Speaking of great mothers, I wanted to show you this screaming cute birthday party invitation created by Sara Cormier of Miller/Cormier designs. I met Sara a few weeks ago and was smitten with her and her mad design skills. Sara was kind enough to share this invitation and the adorable pictures of her daughter Carmen on the Big Day.

"Celebrating 365 days of total cuteness"?? --only a mom could come up with a line that good!
Check out that adorable outfit--rainbow colors to match!

Of course, a Rainbow Cake!!! That's a mom who loves her little girl. My girl is just getting rainbow jello.
For more rainbow inspired photos and DIY ideas, you are welcome to view my Pinterest board here. I've got some great ideas for parties and gift wrapping there too.


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