Friday, July 22, 2011

DIY Weekend Projects: A rug, a bench and a cross-stitched wall

Now that swim team is officially over, I feel the need to dive into some projects that have been swimming around in my creative pool. We decided last night to switch the kids around in their rooms. I had the girls in the bigger one and the boy in his own room, but little O kept crawling into N's bed for security and since they have a few years until puberty I figured this would make sense for a while. O's room still has remnants of the nursery, plus some scribbles and tape and lipstick and holes that need to be fixed so it's about time to fix it up anyway. Luckily, the wide world of the internet has lots of simple ideas for me.

I like this DIY painted rug from Ikea created by Cristi from Charm Home. Depending on the design you choose, it could be fairly simple to do. I had to read the entire post before I realized that the rug started out white and the pattern is painted in a terracotta color--don't know how I missed that the first time. Here's my issue though, those rugs are difficult to vacuum. I'm always sucking up the corners and then entering into a wrestling match to remove the rug before the belt breaks. *sigh* Cleaning doesn't come naturally for me.
 Or this bench from a shelf is pretty sweet (tutorial on OhDeeDoh). I think I can handle a staple gun project (no sewing for this girl--that's my mom's job). We've got some shelves that came out of the kitchen when we rehabbed it.
I don't have the confidence to do this fabulous idea but I can dream...

Hope you all have a creative weekend! I'm going to try to stop sweating but I think at this point it's futile....

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  1. The "cross-stitched" wall is very unique—it would require just the right spot to do it though.


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