Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sentimental and personal anniversary gift ideas

Not to brag or anything, but I've got the best husband ever. He does the laundry, shares dinner duty, fixes small plumbing crises, mows the lawn with 3 kids attached to his body, takes me to see Glen Hansard sing, loves me and my quirks. Hard to find another guy like that and I hope I never have to.

Our 13th anniversary is coming up in August and I've had my eye out for a little sentimental gift I can make or buy for him. I like this one because it is so simple and when you've been married a while, sometimes less is more. Anyway, I might change the wording a little bit, but I like the idea of a short love phrase and the date when it became official. This might be a nice accent pillow for our bedroom (since nobody else really needs to see the gushy stuff, right?). Sweet.

Then, since I was a little printer monkey this morning (I was hand-feeding some envelopes, which means I have about 15 seconds to wait until another envelope goes in. It's perfect for surfing my favorite blogs sans guilt!) I found some other really personal and sentimental gift ideas if you're in the market for that kind of thing.
 Here are the crafty and clever folks who designed these great gifts:
1. Wood grain print (how cute are the kids names on the leaves??) by Cozy Blue
2. State silhouette with heart by Define Design 11
3. Silver charm (cute for a keychain too!) by Say Anything Jewelry
4. Custom city posters by Alexander & Company
5. Family Love Tree print from Colorbee Love
6. Engraved stone (paper weight, in a plant, on the patio?) by SJ Engraving
7. Home Is Wherever I'm With You print by Apple Blossom Print
8. Custom Vows print by Circle Prints
9. Couple silhouette print by Your Very Own Artist


  1. Such a sweet collection, and I love that pillow too:)

  2. What a sweet husband you have, and I love the pillow!

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    Anniversary Gift Ideas


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