Monday, August 15, 2011

Bridesmaids save wedding day disasters with an emergency wedding kit

There is so much to remember on the wedding day. Even the most prepared and organized brides can't think of everything. I had a bridesmaid who had hypoglycemia and the poor girl had to nibble a raw mushroom to stave off an attack. We were getting married at our farm and it was that, or tap into my mom's gallon jug of wine she had in her car. I'll explain further that the farm is in a dry county and she thought she'd better be prepared for that. Here is a great visual chart of some "must haves" for your wedding from Swatchbook Wedding.

The I-Do Boutique also offers a great emergency wedding kit online that comes in a cute toiletries bag. It makes for a helpful "day of" gift and can carry on into the honeymoon too, yes? Just remember to add raw mushrooms and wine to it and you're all set! ;o)

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