Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY Friday: Make a font out of your handwriting!

I saw a link to this website yesterday and I thought, "I've got tons of work to do and so little time to do it, I think I'll drop everything and see what this is about." Do you ever have those moments? I have them alot. Luckily, I work in my basement and whatever retribution I need to make for the undone work, can be made in the evenings after my kids go to sleep. That's why it's awesome to work at home!

Anyway, this is a perfect idea for my sporatic DIY Friday posts, is it not??

The website is aptly named Writing Fonts and I must urge you to try it. If you have a scanner and printer handy, you can create your handwritten font in a matter of minutes--really! The steps are very simple and easy to follow. Basically, you print out their template. Write your letters in the template provided. Scan said template and upload. Minutes later you can preview your font and decide whether you want to buy it for only $9.95. That's right, folks! I said $9.95! You could use these to write a "handwritten" note, set up your address labels with it, or just use it in your email notes to make your recipients feel special.

Here is what mine looked like in preview mode:
How uber-fun is that?? Now, I will confess that I have not purchased my font. I'm really distracted by my inability to get all the letters on the baseline, so there is going to be some neurotic measures taken to straighten me out before I pay for the font. But please don't let my neuroses stop you! If I really can't get it "perfect" (and you know my job is to "perfect" fonts and text all day) then I'm going to create a version that is meant to be topsy-turvy. That will be cute too. Tell me if you try it and send me a hand-written computer note okay?

Have a great weekend. I think we'll go to the farm if it isn't 100 degrees or raining--right now it looks like a toss-up for either.

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  1. Hi Margot -- I posted a link to this on our Facebook page; thought you'd like to know! Gail at Brentwood Printing


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