Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vintage Linens

I've been working on a project that has me researching some vintage linens for inspiration. And by "vintage" I really mean 1920s-1960s. Did you know that anything from the 1980s is also considered vintage?? That scared me--now I'M vintage! I know I should embrace that, but I don't, so to all you young whippersnappers out there, I'm still young and cool!!

Rant aside, how sweet are these? I love the soft colors, the repeated patterns and stylized corners in the table cloths, and that sweet, sweet embroidery. *sigh* I should embroider something soon. Some are so kitchy and fun (like the Hawaiian one in Number 5), some are so romantic and remind me of the time when people actually collected flowers and food in baskets (WAY before 1980!). If you're in the market for one of these to accent your home or party, etsy has some great vendors who do the scouting for you. Sometimes it's fun to take your chances on group listings (with several pieces for one price). I purchased the table cloths for my 40th birthday party that way, and I've since enjoyed bringing them out for dinners or photoshoots.

1. Embroidered linen tea towel from EdnaSews
2. Place mats (and the entire table set, including napkins and table runner) from LuxuryLife
3. Pink bird tea towel from NeatoKeen
4. Flower and berry basket from LSmith
5. Hawaiian "party cloth" from PatriciaGlenn
6. Floral linen towel from VintageLinens
7. French stripe dish cloths from VintageFrenchStyle
8. Embroidered tablecloth from VintageKeepsakes
9. Dutch inspired towel from VintageDame. Love that fake blanket stitching!


  1. Your collection of vintage linens is beautiful and varied, Margot! It appears the original artist were only limited by their imaginations, I see some gorgeous pieces show up here...if I only had the room...

    Thanks so much for the inclusion, your site is wonderful!


  2. Dear Margot,
    I love your selection of "very vintage" Linens from the early 20th century, and your blog commentary. Thank you for including my green placemats, runner and napkins in the group.
    By way of history, these linens were given to my mother for her marriage in 1937 in Boston. They matched her Haviland china that has a wide green lip trimmed in gold. All very lovely, but we live a much more eclectic life these days..I guess it is easier.


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