Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Memory Keeper" custom boxes by Paper Coterie

Okay, I landed on this great site yesterday and it was definitely one of those holy crap! moments. I don't know about you super organized ladies (the one or two who live in organized bliss) but if you are like me and have last year's school memorabilia shoved into a plastic bag poised on the kitchen table waiting to arrive at its final destination in the old set of dresser drawers in the basement, then this might be a good link visit.

Paper Coterie is a website that sells products you can customize with your photos. Now, this is not like the photo kiosk at the pharmacy where you put the photo of your kid and dad on a mug. This is a well designed and useful product line. What really impressed me were these "Memory Keeper" boxes. I think it's so simple, even I can keep up with it. How cute (and organized) would it be to put the photo of your child on the front from that school year and put the gems of childhood within. Then it can sit nicely on a shelf for when they have their own kids and you can be the grandma who says, " and this is the picture of an RV being attacked by aliens that your dad drew when he was in first grade."

And how about a box for a newly married couple? What a great way to save the cards, dried flowers, and other 3-dimensional mementos.

And as a new baby gift? Again, what are you going to do with the little knitted cap they give you, and the hospital bracelet that you can't possibly part with? This box would be perfect for that!

All I can say is "Yeah!" and place my order. How are you keeping up with all your "stuff"?

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