Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gifts for Camera Lovers

I can't say "Gifts for Photographers" because that would exclude me! While I would never, ever consider myself a photographer, I do love me my DSLR Nikon camera. Since everyone in my family was asking what I wanted, I decided to create a little group of good gift ideas for them to use. Of course, if you have someone on your list who loves their camera too, you can mooch off my ideas. It's the season of giving, right?

Here are the cool companies that offer the products above:
1. Plaid Wool camera bag from MariForssell
2. Fun camera stamp (for cards, wrapping paper, tags etc.) from Brown Pigeon
3. Large printed fabric camera bag from XcessRize
4. Camera strap from OhSoStrapped (I can't resist those Kodachrome colors!)
5. Retro camera print wallet from Coolbeans717
6. Lytro camera from Lytro. You really have to read about this new technology that changes the way cameras work. It's amazing!
7. Retro camera v-neck t-shirt from vital
8. Camera strap from iMo Shop
9. Silver camera necklace from Destiny's Creations


  1. Margot, I love this list! Thank you so much for including my camera necklace :-) I am going to tweet this blog post. Love all of your picks!

  2. so very cool! I love usable things with retro camera themes!

  3. All the gifts are unquestionably the gifts for camera lovers because camera lovers always look for the things that relate to photography.


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