Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Days of Gift Wrap: Day 5

Okay, big apologies for the short focus and slight blurriness on this photo. I like some bokeh, but not that much! This is one of the vintage ornaments I scored from the estate sale a few weeks ago. I think the ornament is so freaking cute that next year I'll be making them for sure. I resisted major temptation to buy the walnuts in the shell this Sunday at the grocery store.  *too...many...crafts*  I'm thinking the blanket should be made of velvet ribbon, yes? Oh yes.


  1. That is soo stinking cute! I totally know the feeling of the urge to make something with so much on the to craft list still...Sigh!

  2. THis is great, really lovely and sweet. I like the photo too! BUT, you went to an estate sale without me? I'll try to get over it. J


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