Wednesday, December 7, 2011

25 Days of Gift Wrap: Day 7

Remember when I told you about that one estate sale where I scored some great vintage holiday gift wrapping stuff? This was by far the best of the lot. Adorable tie-on tags! I've had these for years because I'm hoarding them, but this challenge is doing more than keeping me creative--it's making me use this great stuff. I chose this particular picture to show off the tags's a donkey. A Christmas donkey! I'm not sure whether it's meant to remind us of the donkey in the manger, or if Mexican donkey's were really big 50 years ago but I love it so much. Second favorite is the little girl with an umbrella. Maybe these came from a company in California? Or maybe the truth of winter (especially here in the midwest) is that it rains more than it snows this time of year. Whatever the reason, the tags brought me joy. I hope they do for you too!

I couldn't resist showing you the girl with the umbrella. She's at least wearing a scarf.

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