Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Friday: Make your own lip gloss with Kool-Aid

I saw a simple recipe for home made lipgloss on Pinterest and thought I'd do it with my daughters. Mind you, this is in addition to the earrings we've made and the bow tie necklaces. Not sure how many girls are going to be the recipients of these crafty gifts, but it sure is fun to craft like maniacs in the meantime!

Here is what you need:
1 cup petroleum jelly
1 packet Kool-Aid drink mix (without the sugar added)
24 small containers with screw top lids. I got mine from the beading section at Michaels.
Food coloring
1/4 tsp edible glitter (optional, I use the kind from a cake decorating supply store)
a whisk, a 2 cup heat proof glass measuring cup with a spout (such as Pyrex)

Scoop put the petroleum jelly into the measuring cup and heat in the microwave until liquid. This make take several minutes, but do it 30 seconds at a time. I've never burned petroleum jelly, but I doubt it's pretty.

Using the whisk, mix in the packet of drink powder, glitter and food coloring. There will be small bits of the drink mix left in the gloss, and we call those flavor bursts. Pour into the containers and let cool. I've attached some cute labels you can use. Right click to save file to your computer. Print to adhesive white stock and use a 1" hole punch to cut them out.

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