Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas for kids on Pinterest

If you are not familiar with Pinterest, you may be especially interested in this link. Pinterest is a digital organizing system for the great ideas where you create "Pinboard" on-line. Each pinned item retains it's internet origin so you can actually go back to get the recipe, DIY instructions, or store where you found the item. So if you visit the pinboard above, you can click on the image you want to learn more about and find yourself on the website where I found it. You can have boards of any topic you decide, and once you get into things, you'll see how addictive and useful it is! Keep in mind that everything you see and pin is public, which means that what you pin can be re-pinned by someone else who likes it too. This is perfect for pictures of cupcakes you want to make, but not so great for the pictures of your kids you'd rather keep private. :o)

You can see more of my Valentine's Day inspiration on my pinboard here. If you'd like to start your own Pinterest account (it's free), let me know and I'll invite you, which is faster than the virtual waiting list.

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