Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Hunger Games invitation

We are officially hooked on Hunger Games! One of the great thing about having kids is that they keep you up to date, whether you like it or not. My 11 year old daughter devoured the Hunger Games books and begged me to read them too. I did, and was very happy I acquiesced to what I thought was only teen-inspired topic. The books are honest, thought-provoking and exciting. We've had many, many discussions on the topic of death, killing, abuse of power, the benefits and pitfalls of organized societies, hunting, being honest to yourself. Even my husband powered through the 3 books and loved them as well.

Needless to say, Julia was overjoyed when she discovered that the movie was going to be debuting on her birthday and was determined to have a Hunger Games party. I thought I'd share the invitation I designed for her. If you are a Hunger Games nerd, you can count the arrows and note that there are 12, for the 12 districts of Panem (and coincidentally, her 12th birthday). The blue one represents the Katniss and how her differing views and bravery made all the difference. The arrows are in a flattened and bold modern style, but the old-school font gives it a little steam punk flair. I love gettin' geeky--even when I design invitations.

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