Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recent design work: Little Yoga Sunshine Logo

Say "yoga logo" five times fast for a great tongue twister!

Speaking of twisting, my kids take a yoga class called Little Yoga Sunshine in Cincinnati, Ohio with the most wonderful instructor, Hollie J. Nesbitt. I never thought that they would love yoga the way I do but as soon as my son (7) and daughter (8) tried it, they were hooked! Now any time we have guests over, they pull out the mats and start contorting themselves into all shapes and sizes to prove their yoga savvy.

In the classes, Hollie tells engaging stories that move the children through the yoga poses. The giggles and squiggles are all part of the fun while the children learn ways to center themselves emotionally while they make their bodies stretch, twist and balance. It's amazing to watch her work the magic! Hollie J. takes Little Sunshine Yoga on the road, so if your school or group would like to invite her into your program mix, visit her website or facebook page for contact information and scheduling.

I don't take on much logo work these days but Hollie is a friend and she made the logo part easy by letting me do whatever I wanted. ;o) By the way, if you ever want to get the best out of an artist, all you have to do is say "Do what you think looks great." I don't know a single artist who doesn't love the idea of that! I was able to repurpose one of my mandala designs into the sun image. I also used a new-to-me font called Deming, which complimented the hand-written script of Angelina.

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