Thursday, February 2, 2012

Recent Work: Acrylic Engraved Bar Mitzvah Invitations

I've been wanting to share this invitation for weeks now, but was waiting for them to get in the mail to the guests before I blew the surprise (I never know who is reading these posts!).

I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with this great family. They wanted modern, clean design and were willing to experiment with totally new concepts. Right away, I suggested engraving acrylic, crossing my fingers that they would be game, and to my great pleasure they were all for it! Since this was my first time using the medium, we requested samples of everything so that there would be no expensive surprises.

I was ecstatic when the invitations were finally boxed up and ready to ship. Every detail fell into place and even the mailing went well. *Phew!*

The invitation is for a Bar Mitzvah celebration with a hint of tennis in the theme. I didn't want to be too overt with the tennis theme and use tennis rackets, balls, or court green and white. The design of the logo used the tennis net pattern (the rounded squares) with a minimalist play on his name, and a handsome navy blue color. I used Helvetica Extra Thin as the font in the name logo, and continued to use Helvetica thin and medium for the rest of the invitation. True to the modern styling, the format used lots of white space and right justified text throughout each corresponding piece. The extra pages were held together with a screwpost on the top left corner, eliciting the edgy industrial feel for the invitation. The reply card was perforated from the larger piece so that everything could fit together cleanly.

Of course, making sure the invitation arrived in the same perfect condition it started with required some preparation. The invitation fit snugly into a metallic white cardboard box, which had some navy inside shred to lift it to the top. There was a sticker on the top of the box to further the logo branding of the event. Then the box was placed on a piece of navy matte board and secured with a band of cardstock printed in the navy squares pattern. Then that was placed on a bed of navy shred inside a white corrugated mailing box with a custom address sticker to seal it shut. Lots of work but completely worth it! The invitation arrived to the guests in perfect condition.

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