Monday, March 12, 2012

The Hunger Games Invitation with correct weaponry

Well, I'm a little red in the face. While I was furiously preparing the details for my daughter's Hunger Games Birthday Party this weekend, my husband kindly pointed out that I'd placed the feathers on my arrows incorrectly. They go with the pointed side down, of course...for better aerodynamics! Well, I'm a lover not a fighter so how's a girl like me to know such important details regarding weaponry? Of course this is why I'm married to a man who has a extensive knowledge of this and many other war minutiae. Nature works itself out just right, doesn't it?

Alas, I have corrected my Hunger Games invitation and updated it on where you can purchase an evite or a paper invite for your Hunger Games Celebrations!

I'll be also adding the party decorations I've created on Tuesday! I have to say that I'm surprised how much I love this color combination of black and white with the neon accents...


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  2. i love this!!! --Chrissie

  3. Too cute! I'm planning my own HG party for friends in May. I can't wait. :)


  4. Im going to have a HG sleepover for my B-day. Can't wait! My B-day is next Thursday!!!!


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