Friday, March 16, 2012

Mag Rouge--Wedding imagery to make you cry

Not because it's sad! Of course I mean cry with the amazing beauty of it. You might think it's weird, but since you are reading this and either like wedding styling as much as I do, or you just know me and know that I have some weird design quirks I'm not afraid to share, you might understand why I cry when I look at this magazine. This is the second issue of MagRouge, a glorious compilation of nature themed weddings created by Kate from my favorite wedding blog Magnolia Rouge.

It's so amazingly and heart achingly beautiful! The weddings are not only touching, personal, creatively designed and expertly photographed. They are in a magazine layout that is equally as beautiful as the features within. Seriously, I've looked through this one magazine about 10 times so far, and could look again and see more that inspires me. And while some people wish they could have dinner with Ghandi because he is their hero, I wish I could just be a little fly on the wall at one of these weddings. Just to be in the presence of such beauty would be a thrill. I love this stuff so much. Now I do think I'm sounding weird. Oh well.

Take a look at these shots and just try not to spend your next 5 lunches glued to your computer screen, looking at the rest of the magazine here!

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