Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Graduation Party Ideas: Rugby Theme!

Are you planning a graduation party and wondering what would make a unique theme that celebrates both your school and your graduate? This is a printable invitation and party decoration set I created with school spirit in mind. I'm selling the customized printable files on my etsy store here. You can change the rugby colors to the ones of your graduation school, or the college you're heading to. I love the idea of using photos from childhood because I'm a mom and feel sentimental about these things (babies growing up and getting big and all that) but you could also use several poses from senior pictures.

Setting up the party decorations with this theme is easy if you think about using the rugby stripes as a base. Start with a solid colored table cloth and add a table runner in the contrasting school color. If you can't find the right color, seriously, just go to the fabric store and buy some cotton fabric, trim with pinking shears (the zig-zag ones) to about 18" in width.

Scatter some Photofetti on the table. When ordering on-line, you can choose up to 10 different photographs and use your rugby accent colors.

Print and hang the pennant banner on the wall above the table.

Use cake stands in various heights to display the food items. The Pennant toppers would look great on tall pop sticks stuck into cupcakes, with solid colored wrappers and simple one-colored frosting (or just white, which won't make your guests look like they had a blue bomb explode in their mouth after they've eaten it. I'm just sayin')

Print the customized drink labels and stick them to bottles of water or better yet, soda bottles in the right color scheme. Line these up on the table too.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on the fun.

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