Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm heading to Surtex this month

Surtex is a convention in New York city for surface and licensing designers. My rep group A Fresh Bunch will be showing our wares and I'm thrilled to have been chosen as a senior designer in the booth. I have joyfully spent every waking moment creating and refining patterns and designs that I hope will appeal to companies needing fresh new art for their products.

I realized that I feel most at home creating patterns like this. I'm eager to refine my technical skills, though. I've already learned so many new things on my design software that my brain feels like it's increased it's neuron connections by about a million. It felt a lot like parts of my brain were being ripped open like velcro--not exactly painful but a little uncomfortable. But as I say, this old girl can still learn some new tricks! I just hope I didn't push out some important information in order to gain the new knowledge...I'd hate to leave my children at soccer because that pick up time was replaced by a design in Illustrator.

This is my promotional piece showing off one of my favorite new designs called "La Bella Vida". I was inspired by everything I love about colorful Mexican embroidery and quilting. I think it would make great tween bedding for Pottery Barn, don't you? (yes Pottery Barn, I'm talking to you!).

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