Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inspiration for a Family Reunion Picnic

Our family motto is "It's Better Together" if you hadn't guessed!

Once I got over being 13-17 years old, I really learned to love and appreciate my family. We run the gamut from staunch republicans to wild free-thinking liberals and love to get together and celebrate our crazy selves. This year my cousins in Wales invited us to their Family Picnic in the UK on July 8th. While we still cannot afford to fly 5 people across the ocean yet I thought we should celebrate along with them, even if it's across the pond!
Fabric for napkins that inspired the invitation & party style

Ideally the picnic was going to be at a park but since the temperatures seem to be stuck at 100+ degrees, it's going to be at my sister's house. She had a hankering to sew some cloth napkins out of this colorfully striped fabric, which I love! Once that was established, I created an invitation and we were set to start the styling. I'll give all the rest of the details once we get through the picnic.

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