Monday, July 2, 2012

You won't trip down the aisle with this cute idea!

My wedding was a LONG time ago, but I still remember the panic about tripping down the aisle. We were married in a field at our farm and the aisle runner was nothing more than a white, free floating strip of nylon placed on fluffy, uneven field grass. I had to encourage my bridesmaids to goose-step like the Russian army so as to not pitch themselves into the seated guests.

Since out door weddings haven't ever lost their charm, I thought this was an adorable idea to decorate the "aisle" without that tripping stress that you didn't know you had to worry about until I just freaked you out with it (thank me later). Two paper hearts are taped to a stick (like a wooden skewer) and pushed into the ground. Super easy and do-able long before the wedding. This idea was featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs 100 Layer Cake. Of course the cuteness for this wedding doesn't stop there. I love their dessert table full of all different cakes because it reminds me of a State Fair Baking contest, you know? And that colorful backdrop is so attractive! You'll probably want to see more so check out the entire wedding here.

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