Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Friday: Make a Valentine

Okay, perhaps I'm a little too peaceful from yoga this morning, but I can't figure out how to write a blog title version of "send a Valentine to someone you like in secret". So it's not "Make a Valentine for your Secret Admirer" because you are the admirer or someone else. Is it "Admire-ee"? I guess "your crush" would work, but that seems very 80s or something. Words, where are you when I need you?

All mental sluggishness aside, a friend sent me this idea from Joan Arnett he saw on Kickstarter. You pay this girl to send a handmade valentine to your...person you like (seriously, somebody come to my rescue!)... personalized with your poetic words or her suggested affections and anonymously postmarked from Loveland, Ohio. If you are not from Cincinnati, Ohio, you must know that Loveland is a real city in Ohio! Apparently, the idea is hitting the mark with lots of folks because she's making thousands of dollars. Great stuff, Joan!

While I don't have any secret crushes (my husband is pretty awesome and I tell him so regularly), I love the idea of sending valentines to your friends who wouldn't expect it at all. I did that one year, saying things like "I love how the energy in a room picks up when you are in it." or "You are the best at remembering birthdays." or "I love how you like every animal you see, no matter how flea-bitten and nasty." Most people knew who it was, probably because I can't keep a secret and would say things like, "Did you get any good valentines this year??...." with a delighted expectant look in my face. But really, we could all use a really good compliment, so it's fun to give them out.

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