Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beautifully styled food photography

There are so many perks to being in a creative field, not the least of which is hanging around other creative people who are a constant source of inspiration. Gina Weathersby is one of those people for me. She can make a photograph of the most simple objects (or complex face, or delicious dinner, or exquisite cake) and give it, what I can only refer to as Gina Magic. While I often feel like creating my art is more like an exercise in artistic torture, watching Gina pull this plate and that fabric out of her prop box and turn it into this photo into a stunning is a marvel to watch. So when Gina sends me a sweet note about needing a little something for a photo shoot she is working on, I am all over it. It is truly my pleasure to work with such talent and humble kindness.

You can see more beautiful photos of desserts and read the article written by another amazing food and word artist Ilene Ross, in this issue of HER Magazine. The featured cookie is by another Cincinnati artistic bakery Queen City Cookies. Seriously, there is so much dang talent in this city!!

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